Amazon Prime – Review

Amazon Prime – Review

You may be wondering what Amazon Prime membership has to do with loving old movies. For anyone who loves to watch movies on their TV screen, this can be a valuable asset.

Free 2 Day Shipping – On Any Prime Item

Free 2-day shipping is included with your prime membership. That means you never have to guess when your package will arrive.

Although you can get free shipping on any order that is large enough without a Prime membership, you must wait 5-7 business days for it to arrive. The convenience of always having 2 day shipping or sooner allows you to get items that you need fast, no matter how small the order is. And, you do not have to wait an extra 3-5 business days for your order to arrive.

Prime Member Deals – Special Pricing

Many items are given special prices only for Prime members.

Free Amazon Music – On All of Your Devices

This feature has 2 million songs and is included in your Prime membership. And you have commercial-free music anytime you want it.

Prime Video Unlimited – On All of Your Devices

Many movies, videos, and TV programs are included with your membership at no charge. Any movie that is not included at no charge will have special pricing exclusively for Prime members. These special prices often start at $0.00 to rent. There are Members-only prices to buy.
as well.

Conclusion – Amazon Prime is a great choice for a lot of people

The price you an annual renewal is $119.00 and it includes all of the above and more. The cost of just the Prime Video membership is $8.99 per month and equals about $109.00 a year.

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Prime – Review

    1. I totally understand. However, if you group your purchases, you can get free shipping in 7-10 business days. (Sometimes sooner than that.)

  1. I asked my son about the benefits of Amazon Prime and he forward me your article, so thanks so much for putting all together to help many to know more about it.

    I think it’s a great deal to have the 2 days free shipping on Amazon purchases, my son who has it, told me he get everything he orders fast and secure.

    What I love more about Amazon Prime is the deal to have free amazon music in all the devices! And I think the cost is very reasonable! 

  2. Amazon prime is massive and a better alternative by all means. I am a big time fan of Amazon because of the quality of things I get from shopping there. However, this is way too much on another level. I have never joined prime before and I am delighted that these details are very helpful to me. Thumbs up to you

  3. I’ve had Amazon Prime for over two years and absolutely love it.  The 2 day shipping is one of my favorite perks and there has even been a time or two that I can get same day delivery, which is still beyond my understanding.  I haven’t utilized the prime video option as heavily as I probably could as it’s always seemed I have to purchase (additionally) the shows and movies that I want to watch.  Have you come across this?  Am I just choosing media that is not available for free on prime?

    1. I also have had same-day delivery, but that is not the norm.

      I always do my search for a particular title on first. That will tell me what is available or not. It may only be available on a DVD, for instance. If it is available in Amazon Prime there will be a Prime Video link and underneath it will say “Included with your Prime Membership” if it is always free. Otherwise, there will be a price for rental and sometimes to purchase.

      Does that help you?

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